Lindsay Rae Photography


 Lindsay's love of photography started as a child. She would have the need to pick up her mother's camera ,take random photos, leaving surprises for her mom when she had the film developed. As a teenager, she continued to take photos as a hobby, along side art classes, and performing on stage. When Lindsay was 18, her world changed when she began to lose her hearing. This led her to focus more on visual expression, and found the camera in her hand more often then not.               

 Lindsay developed a deeper love for the art of photography when her daughter was born in 2006. Capturing her daughter's milestones, smiles, and those special moments, she soon came to realize her true passion for photography. This led her to want to learn more about the craft. It opened her eyes to a form of expression that allowed her to share messages close to her heart, such as her series “The Mom Effect”, which depicts the beauty in the post partum mother's body.              

Lindsay chooses to use photography as a way to share a message, and to capture those tiny details of new life that tell such a big story. She’s discovered that sometimes finding the words are hard to do for things that occur in life, the ups and down, things that tug at your heart, or a message that she just needs to share. Photography allows her to express those things with a click of the shutter.    Lindsay resides in Sault Ste Marie , Ontario with her daughter Lily.